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Any kiteboarder will tell you the best way to get started is to take lessons.

No need to buy gear at this stage.  Gear is provided, and within 2-3 days you will know what kiteboarding is all about and may even be ready to progress on your own.



Nahant Kiteboarding offers private lessons at a flat rate of $150/hr from an IKO certified instructor.


Lessons cover the full range from beginner to advanced riding.

Lessons are customized to meet each rider's abilities and desired progression.


Beginners typically take 3+ days of lessons (at 3 hours/day).


Lessons include use of state of the art gear: kite, harness, board and radio helmets.


Students must provide a wetsuit and booties suitable to stay warm for an extended time in the water for the season.



You are in luck!  Boston is a great location for kiteboarding and one of the windiest cities in the US.

We have excellent teaching spots right here.  Depending on wind and tide Nahant Kiteboarding offers lessons at one of 3 local beaches located near our home office.



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